Trout Angling in Tirthan River with Tirthan Adventure Camp

For a holiday with difference, where there are no must visit places to see, where you are one with nature, where scenic beauty is your constant companion and where you follow your own schedule. Tirthan Valley is one such hidden gem in Himachal Pradesh. Well known for its scenic vistas and exciting opportunities in trout fishing, Tirthan Valley makes for an excitin holiday experience.

Tirthan valley is situated in Himachal Pradesh and is the base for many fishing and adventure camps. The valley gets its name from the Tirthan River that abounds in trout. One of the interesting places to make your base in the Tirthan Adventure Camp, Camp is  situated at Naglari Village. The place is a kind of social center that provides a friendly space for locals and visiting fishermen, campers, trekkers, and other holiday makers to meet each other, exchange travel stories, read, share bonfires, listen to music and play games.

Tirthan Adventure Camp functions like a modern Camping place and fully furnished rooms with modern facilities and we have also a traditional homestay full of cheer and action. There are lots of things to do and enjoy.
The Camp offers a host of facilities both for adults and children. There is a choice of literature, a fish tackle and tuck shop, children's play area, relaxation areas, fishing rods and reels, trekking and climbing equipment, binoculars, art materials.

The Tirthan Adventure Camp  open to visitors throughout the year.

Rainbow Trout

The native region for the Rainbow Trout is the Sacramento River region, on the West Coast of the USAR but have been successfully introduced into the waters of many countries. The species thrives best in the temperature ranging between 30C to 150C. There are two types of rainbow trout, the Contonental which do not migrate to the sea. Their body is comparatively short and deep; more elongated in males than females. Colour variable depending on size, age and character of water; silvery on side with irregular located dark spot and sides showing a red band and blotches; belly merely plain. The Rainbow that do not breed in the river and are escapees from the local fisheries. Being used to fishery feeding they are easily caught and rarely grow beyond a pound in the river.

Brown Trout

The Brown Trout is a native of European waters and were introduced to Himalayan streams Beas in the year 1920. A typical brown trout has a brown or yellow-brown body, with black spots on the back, sides, dorsal fin and tail, especially the upper portion. There are also some red or bright orange spots scattered down the sides of most brown trout, sometimes with light blue halos. The tail is square-ended on most mature fish. And don't stick you fingers or thumb in the mouth of a brown trout. They've got teeth down there and could very well take the digit off.

Best Season for Trout Angling..................

March to October............... 



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