Day 1: Neuli (1500 m) to Shakti (2100 m) village Camp  at Shakti valliage. Moderate ascent.
Distance: 22 Km

Day 2: Shakti to Parkachi (3000m) thach Trek along the Sainj river. Gradual ascent. Distance: 10 kms.

Day 3: Parkachi thatch to Rakti Sar (4500 m) Along the river, quite a strenuous ascent through rocky portions. Crossing of streams along the route is tricky. Distance: 14 kms.

Day 4: Trek from Rakti Sar to Parkachi thatch Strenuous descent. Distance: 14 kms.

Day 5: Rest day at Parkachi Bird watching. Medicinal herbs.

Day 6: Parkachi thatch to Shakti village Gradual descent. Distance: 10 kms.

Day 7: Shakti village to Neuli. Distance: 22 kms.
Total Distance: 92 kms.

"The destination place for camp & numbers of days in this track can also be adjusted as per the Requirements of Tracker Group "