A Eight Day trek crossing two valleys. Moderate to strenuous. Experience the transitions between two magnificent valleys.

Day 1: Neuli (1500 m) to Shakti (2100 m) Night at Park accommodation. Moderate ascent. Distance: 22 km.

Day 2: Shakti to Dhel (3737 m) Heavy-moderate ascent through dense forest, walnut trees, medicinal herbs, etc.
Distance: 11 kms.

Day 3 and 4: Rest days at Dehl. Day hikes to Jogni (outdoor prayer sites). Fabulous sunrises and sunsets. Early morning hikes with opportunities to observe wildlife (Red Fox, Himalayan Tahrs). Distance: 4 to 6 kms.

Day 5: Dhel to Guntrao (3500 m) Strenuous. Moving to higher elevations (4120 meters). Difficult trail for more than one hour through very narrow path with sheer drops of 200 meters. Good chance of seeing Himalayan Tahr. A long day on the trail. Must be in very good shape, but worth the effort. Distance: 15 kms.

Day 6: Rest Day at Guntrao Early morning opportunities for observing Himalayan Tahr and Musk deer.

Day 7: Guntrao to Shilt (3100 m). Moderate up and down. Lush bamboo forests, streams and waterfalls. Shilt campsite offers opportunities for evening wildlife. Distance: 16 kms.

Day 8: Shilt to Gushaini. Steep descent through dense forests. Exiting GHNP into Ecozone. Distance: 15 kms.
Note: A reverse route of the above trek is also popular. Distance from Neuli to Gushaini: About 85 kms.

 "The destination place for camp & numbers of days in this trek can also be adjusted as per the Requirements of Tracker Group "